I Bike…

Out of swimming, biking and running, biking is the sport I am most comfortable with. I have a Trek hybrid that I spent a lot of time on while I lived in the Washington, D.C. area. My favorite place to bike in D.C. is along the Mt. Vernon trail starting at Mt. Vernon, heading through all the stops including Gravelly Point, then on to the National Mall for a quick Rocket Pop popsicle break. If you haven’t sat at the end of the runway at National Airport to watch the planes land or take-off, put it on your list. It really does feel like the airplanes are going to land right on top of your head. Thank goodness I ducked and covered and screamed like a 5-year-old the first time I experienced it, otherwise who knows what would have happened. I’d rather be a little embarrassed than flat as a pancake under the wheels of a 747.

The one thing that scares me a little about the biking portion of the race is the concept of clipping your feet onto the pedals of the bicycle. I may not be as scared if I hadn’t seen the cuts and bruises on my sisters shins and knees that were the result of getting used to biking that way. I get it, girl. How are you supposed to come to a stop with the inability to take your feet of the pedals? It seems to me that it would be a little like trying to stop your car by throwing on your emergency brake and hoping you stop in time to not blow through a red light. I probably have this all wrong, but I’m sure I will learn how to do this, hopefully, without permanently scarring myself.  I will definitely be in the market for a new bike at some point and I’m hoping I can find one with a nice little basket on front to put my iPod and water in.  Maybe something in a nice white or silver. I kid. Maybe.

Next weekend I get my training program and the games will begin. Before then I have a couple of things to pick up including a heart monitor watch (more on that story later,) and some new running shoes. I will be heading over to Fleet Feet in Brentwood to find the perfect pair. Even though I am a decent swimmer, a good biker, an occasional attempter of running and a pretty active person, I will have to do a bit of work before I get into the real  training. Training to train if you will and I can’t wait to make it happen!



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