Gear Galore

At a recent lunch with my Ironman friend and his wife, the subject of my tri training came up. He talked for a couple of minutes about resting heart rates, heart rate zones and things in general that I’m not familiar with. The conversation went like this:

Ironman: Do you have a heart rate monitor?

Me: I have a stopwatch.

Ironman: That’s not a heart rate monitor.

Me: I have one of those thingy’s you put on your bicycle that tells you how many miles you’ve gone.

Ironman: That’s not a heart rate monitor.

Me: Ok, just tell me what to get and I’ll make it happen.

My first botched attempt at getting this heart rate monitor included buying a Polar watch online that advertised itself as a Heart Rate Monitor/Fitness Watch. It was white, stylish and I was very excited to get it in the mail. However, it had no heart rate monitor function and I had to go through a lengthy return process that included two pages of return stipulations and a waiver saying basically that if there was the tiniest speck of dust upon their inspection they were going to send it back to me at my expense.  Unfortunately I didn’t know how to turn the watch back off so I packaged it back up with the watch still on fully expecting to be receiving it back from the company with a dead battery and a big red RETURN DENIED stamp on it. There is a nice post office person out there having his/her steps counted and their calories tracked completely unawares.

I did find one at Dick’s Sporting Goods that I really like and as I type it’s buried under a blanket so I don’t hear the alarm that has been going off for 20 minutes uninterrupted. I don’t know how to turn that off either. Have I mentioned that sports training and the gear that goes along with it has not at all been my thing in life?

I did however find a GREAT pair of running shoes that I’m excited about. I have never worn Brooks shoes before, but according to the signage posted next to them, they are the “Runner’s World Editor’s Pick.” Since the Runner’s World peeps clearly would know more than me about such things I gave the shoes a whirl and they are amazing! This may be a little pathetic and make me a shoe-in for the role of “ultimate consumer,” but the marketing sealed the deal for me. The box is covered in illustrations of happy people, including an astronaut, a doctor and a clown, happily running in their Brooks shoes.

I suppose now I have to start the process of breaking them in and actually run.


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