Ready, set, oh NO she didn’t!

I’m getting my official training program in a week. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I think, I think, I think? Meanwhile, I’m supposed to be reacquainting myself with the bike, the pool and the treadmill. Unfortunately, I am at home instead, fighting off the fever and sore throat that I am pretty sure came from the Typhoid Mary who was running next to me at the YMCA on Saturday. Note to all sickies out there in the world: Please DO NOT come to the gym and hack up a lung all over the person on the treadmill next to you. Necks were craning and eyes were rolling in her direction as I continued to run instead of politely asking her if she would kindly go spread the plague elsewhere. I’ve canceled my entire schedule so far this week, including a wear-your-best-dress viewing of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale. No, really! Thank you, lady.  However, I believe that all things happen for some reason or another, so I will cease the whining and go drink some orange juice.

I was able, however, able to meet with Ironman on Saturday and get the required heart rate test done on Sunday.  I seem to have a grip on the nutrition part of the program, minus my wheat-free brownie addiction, and a realistic understanding that this training will require me to make some major changes. I have athletic friends who could complete a sprint triathlon while reading a magazine, but I am not them and I should not set myself up for failure by making comparisons.

Completing the heart rate test confirmed the presence of a running-oriented mental block that routinely hurls itself across my path requiring me to stop every three quarters of a mile to have coffee and check e-mails on my iPhone. That may be a small exaggeration, but I do have a serious block that I hope to deconstruct over the next 8 months.

I realize the ratio of writing about versus actually doing is a little bit out of balance, but once I start the program, I will be sharing the details of the actual training. One week!

Below are the links to an interesting two-part article on the subject of heart rates.


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