Shocking, isn’t it.

Yesterday was run day. It wasn’t the most fun day as the earphone jack on the treadmill decided to short out and send two electrical “pops” into my earphones. I’m not sure that anyone saw me rip the earphones out of my ears or heard me yelp out a big WTF, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t care. I unplugged and re-plugged, but the same thing happened again. I was bracing for it the next time, so I was able to get through the electrical shock without throwing expletives at the woman running next to me.

The YMCA was pretty full and there weren’t many options for moving to another treadmill, so I stuck it out sans earphones, which meant a very boring run.  This would be the day that I forgot my iShuffle and was going to have to rely on the TV to pass the time. I have runner friends who say they use their runs as a time to shut out the outside world and think of only what they are doing in the present, a meditation of sorts. While I applaud that level of focus I NEED music to help me keep my mind off the fact that I’m running. I need Britney Spears heavy breathing through my earphones about DJ’s and dance floors. I need to feel like I am in fact on a dance floor somewhere in Europe sweating because I’m dancing my ass off, not running in place at the Y in Nashville. The important thing is that I finished the run without further incident and felt better for it.

Some of my favorite workout music:

David Guetta:

Camo & Krooked “Cross the Line” (feat. Ayah Marar)


What are your thoughts?

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