Chlorine, be gone!

Chlorine is not the greatest thing in the world for your hair. It acts as a drying agent by sucking out the naturally occurring lubricant in your hair, potentially cracking the cuticle leaving the hair dull and prone to splitting. If I didn’t spend a small fortune getting my hair done, I probably wouldn’t care, but I’m a girl and hair, although low on the totem pole of life’s concerns, is still a concern. Therefore I recently went on an anti-chlorine product buying bender. My locker at the Y ends up looking like a Sephora store, but it gives me some level of confidence that I won’t look like I’m wearing a big red clown wig at the end of all of this.

In my experience, one of the most important parts of the pre-swim ritual is to wet the hair  and apply a  leave-in conditioner. If my hair is already full of moisture there isn’t a whole lot of space for the chlorinated pool water to camp out in. That coupled with a good swim cap is probably the best defense, but being a product junkie, I felt the need to add these products to the arsenal.  (My swim cap is made by Barracuda and something in me is compelled to sing the opening guitar riff from the song of the same name every time I put it on.)

ion Swimmer’s Leave-In Conditioner

* Ultra Swim Chlorine Removal Shampoo

* Ultra Swim Ultra Repair Conditioner

And for the skin……

* Summer Solutions Swimmer’s Own Shower Gel (You won’t smell like chlorine after using this, I promise!)

I not usually the product hawking type, but I’m a little obsessed with these right now and the mental hair peace they are bringing me.

Happy Swimming!


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