Rain, Rain Don’t Go Away

Don’t take your toys inside just because it’s raining.” -Cher

Monday’s run was the start of Week 6 of my training and the second week of the first 10% build in the intensity of my workouts. Weeks 1-4 were my base building weeks and I made it through those mostly unscathed with the exception of the pesky piriformis issue that continues to vex me.  (See the Piriformis Perplexus related post below.) I worked out fairly regularly before I started training so I was ready to start the build after the first month of workouts. The best amateur explanation of the increase that I can offer is this: My runs have increased by 5 minutes and I’m working in one heart rate zone higher than last month. The same goes for the bike workouts. My swims have increased from 600 and 700 meters to 800 meters. Oh, yes, the pain train is gathering steam and dragging this non-athlete right behind it.

It was  a rainy day in Nashville Monday, but I wanted to skip the YMCA and run outside anyway. The rain makes me homesick and I’ve been missing Mississippi  more than usual recently. One of my favorite things to do is to drink coffee in my sister’s kitchen and watch an afternoon thunderstorm roll in over the water, all while being serenaded by my song-writing, ukulele-playing 5-year-old nephew. (My favorite tune of his being the recently penned masterpiece, Christmas Cat.) On my last trip home to Biloxi in December I got in a great run along Highway 90 (Beach Blvd.) which runs parallel to the 26 miles of beaches that make up the MS Gulf Coast.  A great rainstorm came in while I was out there and instead of running from it back to the car, I ran as fast as I could straight into it. It was the best, most invigorating run I’ve ever had. Not that I have a lot of great runs to choose from, but I would rank this experience #1 without thinking twice.

Here is a photo I took at the start of the run before the rain came in:

Post-run back on my sister’s dock:

When I woke up on Monday Run Day and confirmed that the weather in Nashville was indeed crummy, (some say crummy, I say perfect) I decided to take the training outside. This subject brings to mind a conversation I once had with the bestie, Megan, whom you met in an earlier post, during a particular rainy week last year. She knows that my soul is happiest when the forecast calls for a few days of rain. It went like this:

Megan: It won’t stop raining.

Me: I know, I love it. It’s supposed to be sunny again tomorrow and that depresses me. 

Megan: You’re so weird.

Me: I know it. 

Is it socially awkward for an adult to be running through the neighborhood in inclement weather while loudly singing show tunes and trying to catch the raindrops in her mouth? Maybe. But in my world, I’m not sure I trust the adults who find this sort of behavior odd.  And so,  while wearing my Biloxi Beach ball cap, that’s just what I did.

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