Nutritional House Cleaning

If you’ve read any of my past posts, you know that I struggle daily with maintaining a clean diet. It’s not unusual to read about me getting in a great ride on the bike or a having a great run then coming home only to fall face first into a pile of chocolate. After being down on the Gulf Coast last month and demonstrating zero diet accountability, I decided to hit up a nutrition and lifestyle counselor who I met at a brunch here in Nashville. One enormous  ham and cheese omelette and four coffees with cream into that brunch, I decided that maybe I should take advantage of the chance encounter and get her contact information.

I met with Shauna Bryan two weeks ago and let loose all the gory details of my struggle with maintaining a diet appropriate for my goal of finishing a triathlon. For example,  I’ve been out-swum by 80 year olds in the YMCA pool because of wicked food hangovers. Another example: I recently had a going away party for a friend of mine who is moving to NYC and I found myself unable to leave the side of the butter cream cake. The inscription on the cake read, “Good luck, Melany. Don’t fall on your face!” It should have read, “I’m just a cake, Robin. P.S. You have icing on your face.” One of the guests at the party is a vocal coach here in Nashville as well as an accomplished mixed martial artist. I’ve known him for quite some time and wasn’t aware that he and I both share the same sugar struggles. Hovering over a cake like it’s the last one you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating is a little less tragic when you have company.

I was very honest with Shauna about all of this and we talked at length about changes that I could make to tidy up my diet. If you live in or near Nashville, I would suggest booking a session with her. In addition to being a great counselor, she’s an interesting, accomplished and motivating woman.

I was inspired after our meeting to make the necessary changes even though I had enough self-awareness to know that it probably wouldn’t be an easy task. She suggested a 7-day detox diet that I jumped into with the best of intentions. Armed with my food list, I spent an afternoon in Whole Foods and left an hour later with two bags of very expensive organic vegetables. I started the diet then promptly fell off the wagon, so-to-speak, after 3 days, but in the process concocted some clean recipes using the vegetables that I purchased. Even three days of clean eating made a tremendous difference in the way I felt in general and during my workouts.  I have made some good changes in the last two weeks and will give the old 7-day diet another whirl here soon. In the meantime, I’ve been trying to replace a lot of what I was eating with foods from the food list.  Here are some clean recipes I threw together using the vegetables and fruit on Shauna’s food list (Use all organic if you can):

Detox Soup

-Vegetable Broth


-Sliced Carrots

-Cabbage Cut Into Strips

-Canned No-Salt Added Diced Tomatoes

-Sea Salt, Herbs de Provence and Pepper

This is about as easy as you can get. I’m putting no specific amounts by the ingredients b/c I literally just threw a bunch of stuff in a pot and let it cook. Add whatever vegetables you have in your fridge.

Zucchini and Tomatoes




-Tomatoes (Fresh or Canned, No Salt-Added)

-Tomato Sauce

-Vegetable Broth

Sautee the zucchini and onion in the vegetable broth, add the rest and simmer. Use a little salt and pepper if you like.

Cabbage Stir-Fry


-Green and Red Peppers

-Cabbage Cut Into Strips

-Chicken (opitonal)

-Whatever Additional Vegetables That Float Your Boat

-Vegetable Broth

-Low Sodium Soy Sauce

Cook chicken in vegetable broth. Set aside. Saute vegetables in the same pan using vegetable broth and low-sodium soy sauce. Add chicken back to the pan. The cabbage will be the last thing to put into the mix.

Baked Pears and Dates

-Chopped Pears

-Chopped Dates

-Organic Pineapple Juice (No Sugar Added)

Put pears and dates in a baking dish. I sprayed the dish with cooking spray before putting the fruit in. Pour a bit of the pineapple over the fruit and bake at 350 degrees until the pears are soft.

Please share your own clean recipes. I would love to have them!

Next: The bike doctor, a new running drill and my first brick workout.

*Photos by Me.


4 Comments on “Nutritional House Cleaning

  1. I think it’s fabulous to eat healthy, but you need protein. I’ve made that mistake a lot. I ate way too many carbs not realizing it was my body saying “We need protein here!”

  2. I wonder … If you add protein and plant fats (olive oil, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, etc.) to this, and eat enough to power your training regimen, you might be able to sustain longer. Just a thought.

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