Hot Pink Reflective Gear: A Human Disco Ball?

“I wanna go out every night. I wanna dance under the disco lights.” -Ultrabeat

Extreme heat has shown up in Tennessee earlier than usual this year. I found out the hard way during my second attempt at a brick workout on Saturday that running in 90 degree weather is less than great. So less than great, in fact, that I spent the second half of the brick workout wondering if the yellow spots I was seeing float in front of my face were a figment of my imagination or a real indication that I may fall out at any moment. I decided on the latter and came to the conclusion that if I want to train outside then I need to do it early in the morning or wait until the sun starts to go down. Running at dusk or after dark can be dangerous and the thought scared me a bit. Thankfully, back in February as part of the preparation for the start of my training, I went on a gear-buying bender and happened to have some hot pink reflective armbands and an LED safety strobe on hand. I’m not usually one to beeline for the overly girly pink products section of the sporting goods store, but these made me happy so I bought them.

I’m not paid to plug products, nor do I wish to be paid to plug products, but of all the gear I’ve purchased, the Nathan Performance Gear hot pink armbands and safety strobe are probably my favorite. I used them for the first time Sunday night and most likely could have signaled an airplane from the ground. I noticed that a car was slowing down to look at what I had going on and was initially a little embarrassed to be running through my neighborhood lit up like a Christmas tree. With one band on my arm, one on my ankle and the strobe light clipped to my tank top, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I looked like a human disco ball trotting down the side of the street. I quickly got over any embarrassment when I thought about the fact that they make these things for a reason and that if I’m going to be running at night, I need to be responsible to myself and the people driving by wearing the proper reflective gear; and as a bonus, watching the hot pink strobe lighting up the trees and street signs was a little like being at the Disney Electric Light Parade. Who wouldn’t like that? Safety AND a light show.

Raise a glass of Powerade to safe and responsible running!

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5 Comments on “Hot Pink Reflective Gear: A Human Disco Ball?

  1. We’ve had this overpowering hot weather all summer 104+ upon occasion. It didn’t matter what time of day it was. The air was thick and hot to breath in. As this was time I started my walking I thought I was insane but, the weather wasn’t going to break so I decided I wouldn’t either. I wonder every day how the people, like you, who are doing a much for difficult workout are able to in this heat.

    • It’s not easy and you have to slowly acclimate yourself to working out in the heat. I had to learn to be smart about it and take the necessary precautions: hydration, the right clothing, time of day, etc….

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