Best Friends: Support Bras In The Marathon of Life

A friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself.” –Jim Morrison 

A series of recent texts between a friend and me on the subject of my new bike illustrated some of the reasons that I am grateful to have good friends; specifically, my bestie Megan. She is an athlete, a fitness instructor and a great person to run things by when I have questions about preparing for the triathlon. She is also a person who has seen me in the worst shape of my life and has stopped to walk with me on runs when I could barely make it through two minutes without fear of passing out face first into the concrete.

She has laughed at my ridiculousness instead of judging it and has been there for me through every major decision I’ve made in the last four years, including the decision to train for a triathlon. When she says, “you can do it,” I believe her. I sometimes think about what she really thought when I told her that I wanted to train. It was all positive encouragement on the outside, but I wonder if on the inside she wasn’t thinking, “I’m going to lose a friend to a freak triathlon training accident.”  Even though I do tend to put the “freak” in “freak accident,” she recently gave me her tri bag, which leads me to believe she thinks I’ll actually be using it. Whatever the case, we are each other’s support bras in the marathon of this crazy life. I can’t remember which one of us made that analogy first, but I know that we both mean it when we say it.

On Sunday, I texted her a photo of my new bike. The resulting conversation made me laugh and got me thinking about the subject of friendship. So with her permission, I am highlighting the dialogue (poor text punctuation included) for you now:

Me: I love my bike girl, I love it! I hope someday you have one again and we can ride together. Headed into Costco.

Megan: I need to buy one….I remember my bike though girl – I loved her too so much. She was like riding on air. Glad you love it. Did you get clips?

Me: Hell no! No clips!

Megan: Ok good girl. Because I feel like you might topple over with clips knowing you.

Me: I would end up at Baptist hospital in traction.

Megan: Haaaaa! If you ever decide to get them I’ll help you…But Lord girl I was concerned for a few…

Me: Don’t worry. I think you will be surprised at my abilities on the bike.

Megan: Oh girl I know. Just scared about the clips.

Me: You’re right to be scared about that. I’m still me after all.

There is a quote by Bernard Meltzer that says, “a true friend is someone who thinks you are a good egg even though he knows that you are a little cracked.” Trade the he for a she and you have the essence of what my relationship with my best friend is all about. I love that I have a friend who laughs at and cares about me at the same time. I love that I have a friend that called me this morning to tell me that she woke up at 5 am trying to swat a hornet out of her hair only to realize that it was a dream. I love that I have a friend who pretended not to notice just how large and not in charge I had let myself become, but encouraged me to get healthy. I love that we can talk about things that would get any other southern woman kicked out of the Junior League, but know that God made us that way and loves us anyway. Yes, this love-fest is a shout out to the girlfriends in our lives who make us better! Now go hug your best friend.

*Is there a friend in your life who makes you an all-around better human, athlete, or whatever it is you’re striving for? I would love to hear the stories!


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