The Rumble Roller

“I really don’t think I need buns of steel. I’d be happy with buns of cinnamon.”

-Ellen DeGeneres

I mentioned in my last post that I recently purchased a Rumble Roller because I’ve been having some aches a pains related to running. It’s a great product and it accomplishes what it advertises, but is also a little like having a deep tissue massage administered to you by a sumo wrestler. I have a few words to say about it:

*It hurts like a b*%ch, but it is worth it. It’s around $75 but I’m happy that I spent the     extra money. There is no comparison between the foam rollers that I’ve used at the YMCA and this thing.

*If you have a dog, it will be scared of the Rumble Roller at first, but then they’ll be inseparable.

*Don NOT under any circumstances roll the upper back while rolling a hoodie or you will find yourself having the following text conversation:

Me:  Girl don’t wear a hoodie when using a foam roller. The hood WILL get caught under the roller and almost choke you. This may require more coordination than I actually have.

BFF: Girl yea – I never thought a foam roller could be dangerous but if anyone can make it dangerous it’s you.

BFF: Take that as a compliment

Me: I don’t know how that’s a compliment but I guess so.

BFF: Robin Grant: taking ordinary objects and making them dangerous.

Me: Sad.

Before I used the RR for the first time I searched the web for some instructional videos and stumbled across one on YouTube that wasn’t quite an instructional video, but it entertained me therefore I am sharing it. It just so happens that you can also watch it on the Rumble Roller website.  PG-13 

Source: YouTube xtranormal RumbleRoller by balljacket

Here is another video I found helpful. An introduction to the RR!


Now go get yourself one!

“What the–!?”

“We’re good.”  

“You against me, pal.”


2 Comments on “The Rumble Roller

  1. Hahaha, I have had that hoodie experience myself!
    That rumble roller looks cool. I have the Grid and it is pretty tough and makes me cry a lot but I think the rumble roller would have me wheeping.

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