Blog-O-Phrenia: The Weekend In Review

“Go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is.” -Jimmy Carter

Blog-O-Phrenia? Yes, that’s what I mean. I have about 247 different thoughts in my head this morning after a particularly wonderful weekend and want to share them all, but will stick with just a few.

Number 1: It is hot as you know what in Nashville. It has been in the 90’s and will be for the forseeable future. Ugh. I went for my run this morning at 8:30 thinking that I would beat the heat. Wrong. I have decided that I will either have to run at 6:30 or wait until 7 at night to avoid heat exhaustion and dehydration. The bright side is that I only had to outrun one mean neighborhood dog this morning.

Number 2: This weekend I noticed that the bowl full of lemons I had in my kitchen were rapidly going downhill. What to do?!?!?! Lemon pie? No. I’m trying to cut back on the sweets, which on some days happens and on most others doesn’t. Lemonade? No. It doesn’t taste great made with Stevia, so I nixed that idea. I did however have a culinary epiphany and decided that I would slice them up, freeze them and use them as ice cubes in my water. Seriously brilliant and amazing. The frozen lemons, not me. Next on the frozen fruit as ice cubes agenda will be frozen limes and orange slices.

Number 3: I may have found a cure for my inability to control the urge to run to the Mexican restaurant down the street. In Kroger of all places, I found what I think is a great alternative to the fat minefield I run through every time I find myself in the El Stuffed Pepper two miles from my house. Even the salads are less than ideal in the healthful eating department. I found Amy’s Gluten-Free Organic Burritos in the frozen organic section and they are amazing.  Thank you, Amy, whoever you are, for saving me a boat-load of future calories and fat grams.

Number 3: I can’t live without guava nectar and Ranier cherries. Period. I know there is probably a nutritionist out there screaming, “Where’s the protein?” but I love smoothies and cherries and could subsist on them every day, if necessary. I make my smoothies with guava nectar that I ordered online from a company in Hawaii called Hawaiian Sun. I had the opportunity to visit Kauai last year and drank my weight in guava nectar, but couldn’t find it anywhere in Nashville; not Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or the Turnip Truck, which were the best bets for having something like guava nectar in stock. Thank you God for creating the Hawaiian person who decided to can it up and sell it worldwide on the internet. The recipe, which makes two smoothies, is simple:

1 can of Hawaiian Sun guava nectar

1 banana

1 cup of frozen mango and pineapple


You can put whatever frozen fruit you like in the smoothie, but I found that any frozen tropical blend is pretty wonderful. Another kitch-piphany I had recently is to freeze the leftover smoothies and eat it like ice cream. In an effort to be more nutritionally balanced, I occasionally add a bit of protein powder or almond butter, but they are better with just the fruit.

As for Ranier cherries, I’ve eaten an entire bowl of them today already. Just saying. Here is the lone survivor of my cherry eating bender:

Number 4: I decided that if I’m going to eat ice cream, there is no better excuse than a 102 degree day to do so. Damn you, Maggie Moo’s! Of course I want M&M’s in my ice cream. What kind of person do you think I am?

Number 5: Here’s where the “phrenia” in “blog-o-phrenia” comes in. Thus far, this post has been fairly food-centric, but I will now share something with you that I discovered this weekend after a butt-kicking bike ride. First off, I never come home without bike chain grease on me leg. I don’t know how it happens, but I usually never see it until I’ve been out and about on errands, look down at my leg and realize that I look like I haven’t made the effort to bathe in a week. I usually try soap, water and an agave fiber washcloth to remove the grease, but it takes at least three washes to get the stuff off my leg. On Saturday I had an epiphany of the non-culinary sort and thought, “Why don’t I give my eye makeup remover a shot?” I put some on a cotton pad and the grease came off immediately. “Wow!” I thought to myself, “I am a genius! This is great!” Then I thought, “Wait! I put this stuff on my eyes! If it takes grease off this easily, what the hell is it doing to my skin?” I’m going to do some research on that and see if there isn’t a more natural alternative to my current eye make-up removal regimen. Until then I will be using it solely to remove the chain grease from my legs. And on a final note, if you haven’t ever used an agave fiber washcloth, go get yourself one. They are the best, natural source of exfoliation that I have come across.

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There you have it! Any thoughts? Smoothie recipes? Suggestions for removing bicycle chain grease? Have a wonderful week!

Next: Barry’s Bootcamp Nashville and an interview with a friend and trainer about her experience training for a triathlon in NYC!


15 Comments on “Blog-O-Phrenia: The Weekend In Review

  1. I usually use essential oils to remove petroleum-based grease stains – lemon or lavender. I wonder how some of your frozen lemon slices would work? I imagine they’d feel pretty good after a good workout! Let me know if you try it! 🙂

      • The eye-make up remover probably has baby oil in it, which is a mineral oil. Essential oils, in spite of their name, are not oily and I would definitely NOT recommend using them as eye make-up remover…just clarifying! 🙂

      • You would definitely not be a happy camper! One thing that’s helpful to know about essential oils is that they evaporate rather quickly, so fanning the affected area is a good way to help the oil evaporate. Another method for helping to dilute the effect of essential oils is to use some kind of salad oil – I usually have olive oil on hand, but any kind of oil that is safe for you to ingest is safe to use topically over an unpleasant patch of essential oil. Eucalyptus is a great oil to have! 🙂

      • It is. I sprinkle some on a towel and bring it into the steam room with me. It’s so nice. A hint about that: Don’t forget that you’ve put the oil on the towel and wipe your face with it.

  2. I love smoothies too and worry not about protein – that’s not what you’re having them for; more nutrient based I say! I’ll post some smoothie recipes on my blog. See what you think.

  3. Another lemon usage – my sis got my hooked on this: lime & lemon wedges in club soda. Put a crap ton of them in there with ice and it’s kind of an unsweetened (but still delicious and refreshing) sprite with WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY less calories. It’s my fave drink o’ the summer. (okay aside from beer and sangria)

    • Yes, I drink club soda and limes a lot. Especially when I go out to eat in restaurants. Sometimes I put a splash of grapefruit in with the club soda and limes and it’s so GOOD! Thanks for the tips. I’ll have to try adding lemons next time as well. 🙂

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