Off The Rails: A Triathlon-Related Shopping Bender

“The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf of bread are three billion to one.”  ~Erma Bombeck

It was a big week, folks, in the competitive world of endurance shopping, but the underdog from Nashville takes the gold! Yes, I’m looking at a pile of lovely and sporty purchases and realizing that I may have flexed my spending muscle more than my actual muscles this week.

Scene: A lazy, rainy Saturday afternoon in Acme Multisports, a shop specializing in triathlon gear. It’s quiet because it’s the end of the day and I am one of the last customers in the store. One of the staff members has his son’s adorable puppy in the store with him and it’s roaming around looking adorable and trying to find something to chew on. I’m also roaming around the store, looking not nearly as adorable as the puppy, chewing on my fingernails because I know I should stop, but I can’t. I have an arm-full of stuff and I’m about to head to the counter when I am distracted suddenly by a book about beginner triathletes. I can’t pass it up. I must have it. I’m a beginner after all. Oh, yes, and throw in those handy silicone ear plugs.

I pay for my items and get the following advice from the nice man with the puppy: “Keep it simple. Don’t over-pack and bring a ton of stuff with you into the transition area. I see people dragging in 5-gallon buckets and all kinds of stuff they don’t need. Keep it to just what you need, so there’s less to think about and you can get in and get out.” So says he to the girl who just bought another bag full of triathlon-related materials.

Here is a list of what I bought this week at ACME, the Nike Outlet and online:

-A membership to the Nashville Triathlon Club so I can participate in their open-water swim practices.

-A very nifty Blackburn Air Tower 2 bicycle pump.

-Garneau cycling gloves

-TYR soft silicone ear plugs

-2 neon-colored Nike Dri-Fit running shirts

-Garneau Triathlon shorts and shirt

Your First Triathlon by Joe Friel

Ok, so did I need a complete race-day ensemble at this juncture? Probably not, but spandex and I have had a tumultuous relationship and I figure the more time I have with it, the better friends we will become. And it was on sale.

I actually did need all of this stuff. The book may have been an impulse purchase, but better a book than a kayak. (In case you’re wondering how a kayak fits into all of this, I saw a kayak in Sun & Surf Sports recently and had an unexplained urge to buy it. I did not.) I can’t imagine what else I could possibly need or want in the sports-related gear department, but I’m sure some need or another will reveal itself and send me scurrying back to the sporting-goods store.

Until then I am going to be planning my first telethon to support my first triathlon: Robin’s Holy-Crap-This-Is-An-Expensive-Hobby Triathlon Telethon. Thank you and goodnight.

*On a less ridiculous note: The guys at Acme Multisports in Goodlettsville, TN were awesome and very helpful. Check out their link:


6 Comments on “Off The Rails: A Triathlon-Related Shopping Bender

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! And I can totally relate… See my post “I dub ME the equipment manager”… Tri’s are expensive!!!!! But you go girl!!! My guy makes me almost want to do them but we can’t afford to have two triathletes in the house.. And someone has to watch the kids.. LOL!!!

    • Just read equipment manager post. Funny. 🙂 And I want custom luggage tags for my tri bag. Immediately! My poor beagles are starting to get worried that we’ll run out of kibble money soon if we don’t stop buying sporting goods.

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