Weekly Workout Round-Up #2

“You want me to do something… tell me I can’t do it.”  -Maya Angelou

Yes, be patient. Last week was a bit less successful than I had planned. I was hoping to tell all of you that on the 22nd I was going to be participating in what I was referring to as a pop-tri (a triathlon pop-quiz, if you will.) I was hoping to compete, for practice, in the Nashville Triathlon’s short course, but decided not to, because of the issues that started on Wednesday. (See below.) My ultimate goal is the bigger Santa Rosa Island Triathlon, at which I will be racing with a lot of friends and family, so I decided to forgo the pop-tri in order to not hurt myself and derail my training. On that note, the SRIT will still officially be my first triathlon. For now, my transition practice will include watching YouTube videos  and some run-throughs in my backyard.

Monday July 9th:

AM: 35-minute run

PM: Hill Drills: 10-minute warm-up/3 sprints up the hill/10-minute run back home

*I decided to get in an extra small workout because my AM run wasn’t great. You’ll read why in a moment.

Tuesday July 10th:

*Nada. Zip. Zero. I had a writing session. (Nashville lingo for sitting in a room with a co-writer, a couple of guitars and hopefully, a great idea. This session was less writing and more brainstorming about an upcoming project.) My afternoon schedule included a trip to the Doc-In-The-Box for some swimming-related ear issues. Hence, the ear-plug purchase outlined in my previous post.

Wednesday, July 11th: 800-meter swim

Thursday, July 12th: 40-minute run/hobble

*Hobble? Oh, yes. What I’m assuming, because I’ve talked to a lot of athlete friends and not an actual doctor, is that the super-sharp pain in my hip, which was radiating down into my leg is a piriformis problem. I’ve struggled with this since I began training. Read my previous post, My Hip Don’t Lie, for a little back story.

Friday, July 13th:

*Ibuprofen, a lot of cursing at my hip and a fair amount of stretching and Rumble Rolling

Saturday, July 14th: See Friday

Sunday, July 15th: 800-meter swim

*You’ll notice that I don’t seem to be sticking to any particular training plan. I know that the Ironman/friend who put my plans together for me, will read these workout “round-ups” and wonder what the heck I’m doing. So, on that note, I will be trying my best to get back to the more structured plan. 11.7 weeks to go!


4 Comments on “Weekly Workout Round-Up #2

  1. Your injury sounds like mine. I get that, too. It’s when your one side is weaker than the other. Then the smaller bum muscles are to weak and get lazy which leads to swelling and inflammation in your gluteus maximus. Feels like you tore something but really it’s an inflammation. Diclophenac cream, TENS stimulation, stretching and interestingly enough, your bootcamp classes with lots of squats will help you through that. My healer is Pilates. Same thing. Loads of squatting and core strength work. It’s gotten loads better. And btw, it may feel like you hurt yourself running but the reality is that cycling shortens the muscles in your bum A LOT and if you don’t religiously stretch after a cycle (and who feels like that????), your your bum muscles will literally kick you in the same during the run. 🙂

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