30 Days To Go: Fartlek Training

“Just go. Getting out the door is always the hardest part.” -Unknown

“The 30-day countdown to the Santa Rosa Island Triathlon begins! Yesterday was my much-needed rest day for the week. I did nothing in the physical activity department except buy some new fall boots. Fall boot buying as a workout? Yes. If you’ve ever pulled twenty pairs of boots on and off of your feet in a shoe store, you get it. My other big purchase for the day? A house. We closed on a new house yesterday and in 9 days, will be moving our entire household (2 adults, 2 beagles) for the second time in six months. Thankfully, we left about a third of the boxes unpacked during the last round, so although I do not relish the idea of a major move three weeks before my first ‘official’ triathlon, I’m hoping that I will come across no big-time hitches. Hey, did anyone see where I packed my bike?

Today’s workout: I will be out on my bike here shortly getting in an endurance ride with pick-ups, or what the Swedish lovingly refer to as a fartlek training session. I love the Swedes. They’re blonde, pretty and have funny names for things. I had no idea what this word meant earlier this year when I started immersing myself in all things triathlon, but in my effort to learn more about this subject I came across a few articles about how to do fartlek training. They are worth a click and a read.

“How To Do Fartlek Training” by Kate Fox @ www.greatnorthrunculture.org

*This one made me feel better about my incessant need to make fartlek jokes and my occasionally questionable maturity level.

“Speed Play” by Jeff Galloway @ www.runnersworld.com

*This article is simple and to the point.

“Fartlek and Interval Training: How To Run Faster For Triathlons” by Davey and Jess @ www.twotri.com

*This post is funny and full of information and hilarious graphics.

Happy Training!


(Photo Source: Looking out through the front door of my new house last night at a major thunderstorm during the walk-through.  )


10 Comments on “30 Days To Go: Fartlek Training

  1. Oh, fartleks. Thanks to running, we’re pretty good friends (most of the time), but I’ve never tried this principle for biking. Can’t wait to hear how your ride goes! And good luck with your move! 🙂

  2. Hey! Loved this post! Thanks so much for the mention and the link! We have a love/hate relationship with fartlecks… but they work! We’re cheering you on from blog land as your tri approaches!!! Looking forward to hearing about it!

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