Prayers For A Fellow Triathlete

“Don’t believe in miracles – depend on them.” -Laurence J. Peter

On August 26th, a member of our family was severely injured in an accident that occurred as he was about to bike into T2. He suffered a brain stem injury and remains in a trauma center on life support. If you’re the praying kind and even though you don’t know him personally, please say a prayer for a man named Gary Grant, a husband, a father of three sons, a teacher, a coach and a triathlete.

What are we supposed to do when the only treatment option left is a miracle? If you are a believer, and sometimes even if you’re not, you hit your knees and ask for the miracle to happen, knowing that it can and will if it’s in God’s plan. Gary’s wife, a music teacher at the middle school in their town, asked that people leave stories of miracles on her Facebook page that they’ve experienced, heard about or know to have happened. I am a believer and I know they do happen. She said in one of her recent updates on Gary’s condition, “I know that my husband is a fighter and is strong enough to claim a miracle.” We’re on our knees, Elaine.

I want to share something that Gary’s brother wrote in an update shortly after the accident and I hope he doesn’t mind me doing so. It is beautiful.

“It appears that Gary has accidentally entered that Ironman he always wanted to and ready or not here we go. He has just begun the first strokes of the swim and tides and currents will push him forward and back. Hills, heat and wind will threaten and obstruct but we will all be along the course supplying drinks and energy bars and shouting words of encouragement. This race is not about how long it takes but the will to finish. His spirit is strong and all the support will sustain him along the way!”

Please send a prayer up for Gary.


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11 Comments on “Prayers For A Fellow Triathlete

  1. Mr.grant was the best coach iv ever had. He taught me my passion and that’s diving. I just started my first year at gcc and I joined the swim team. I’m diving for him now, training harder and pushing further than I ever have before. I love you coach and I’m praying for you. To the grant family, I couldn’t imagine what your going through. Ill pray as often as I can, I promise. I love you coach.
    Your diver Brandon Hartwig

  2. Miracles are real and they do happen. Every time I see a sunset, hear a baby giggle, smell a flower or feel a hug I know God is performing a miracle. Those are just his every minute of the day miracles. With the power of prayer there is no miracle too big. I will be praying for Gary Grant to receive one of His miracles.

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