27 Days To Go: IT Support

No, I don’t mean the Geek Squad type of support. I mean the kind of support that will help me figure out what the heck causes me pain in my hip, leg and lower back on what is becoming a daily basis. Piriformis? IT? I wish I knew! Thankfully I’m heading over to Pro Motion Physical Therapy in Brentwood, TN on Tuesday to see a PT, who was recommended to me by my coach and a marathoner friend who has had some major issues this year. More to come…

My run today was sort of a bust in that it was two-thirds running and one-third power walking. I was a bit tired after getting home late from doing a show, but the weather was amazing and perfect for running outside at the Richland Creek Greenway near my house.  I have to squeeze in a functional strength workout that I missed earlier this week and then I will be done. I am wondering, though, if I can count packing my house and moving heavy boxes as a functional strength workout. Bend, squat, lift that box of books! I say yes. I’ll do anything to get out of doing planking exercises. You wanna get state secrets out of me? Force me into a plank position and in five seconds I’ll be singing like a bird.

So about that show I did last night. I sang backgrounds for a friend and fellow songwriter. I love both writing and singing with her. Why? Because she’s pretty darn amazing, that’s why. Check her out:

Luisa Lopez Music

Luisa Lopez on iTunes

Check out two of my favorite Luisa songs, “Permanent” and “Together” here!

(Luisa, Robin and some baby grapes.)

(Put the grapes down, girl. Seriously.)


10 Comments on “27 Days To Go: IT Support

  1. As a tai chi instructor I know the piriformis is the devil of injuries and it takes the longest to heal. Slow stretching and warming up are crucial for exercise and running won’t help it heal sweetie.
    Hope you take the time you need to let it rest… easier said than done for a runner, I know, I am not one. 🙂 Just lots of experience with that type of injury in my students. Good luck and Luisa Lopez sounds great!

    • Thank you for the advice! Yes, I’ve never actually been a real runner and I don’t see myself doing much more than I have been for this triathlon training. Pain is so annoying. 🙂 I’m so glad you listened to Luisa!

  2. Hope it’s nothing serious and you get it figured out. Don’t over do it. I had IT problems and now any run over 5 miles I wear the IT band straps on both knees.

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