25 Days T Go: Say what, Doc?

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” -Robert Frost

Short and sweet update: I saw a physical therapist this morning and he identified some alignment issues, a bit of scoliosis in my lower back and a potential stress injury in my right leg. He seems to think that most of my left hip, backside and leg issues are related to my lower back. I was able to get a same-day appointment at Impact Sports Nashville to get an x-ray. (Note: I bribed them with cookies and had just enough time to make a batch and bring them with me.) There is no visible fracture, but there is a bump on the tibia, which may or may not be the start of something.

I’ll be having an MRI here in the next few days to get a definitive answer. I feel pretty strongly that the result of the MRI will be nothing more than a confirmation that there is nothing big-time wrong with my leg and that I will still be able to participate in the Santa Rosa Tri. Until then it’s alignment exercises, biking, swimming and no running.

Today’s date is a good reminder that little things like this crop up here and there in life and are so tiny in comparison with the bigger tragedies and true losses others experience.

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14 Comments on “25 Days T Go: Say what, Doc?

  1. Glad you are getting help! I have been seeing a physical therapist for 2 weeks and I can already tell a difference! Good luck! Happy healthy thoughts coming your way!

  2. Find a good chiropractor…I was amazed at what a good alignment means. After almost 20 years of suffering with vertigo issues, a couple of years of chiropractic helped me end that problem. That was almost 20 years ago! xoxoM

  3. Small world–I have scoliosis too! Even though you’re sidelined from running, it’s great you can still swim and bike. Gotta love triathlons. 🙂

    • Thank you, Carrie. My sister and I both have it but never knew it. Her hip sits higher on one side and I have hip alignment issues. It’s so weird! Hope you have a great day!

  4. If you haven’t tried a good yoga or Pilates class, I would HIGHLY recommend it for lower back issues. I’ve had two back surgeries and chronic pain for years that pretty much is gone after starting a regular yoga practice.
    I hope all goes well with the MRI and you are back to restriction-free exercise soon!

    • People keep telling me to do yoga and pilates. There must be something to it. I think maybe I will do a few weeks of nothing but yoga and pilates after I get home from the tri in October.

  5. Hang in there. Alignment issues are tough. I have an old hip injury from ski racing that crops up on me once in a while. It’s no fun. But sounds like you’re in the right hands. Good luck and take care.

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