14 Days To Go Until…….

“All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me… You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” -Walt Disney

Until what, I’m not sure. Until this past Monday, I thought a “stress reaction” meant diving head first into a cake during hard times, or having an uncharacteristic moment of road rage after being cut off by a particularly bone-headed driver. Bad hair day? Throw a brush across the room. Forgot the one thing you went to the grocery store for? Curse the Kroger for not putting the milk in a more obvious location.

Apparently parts of the body can have hissy fits and stress reactions of their own and in this case, my tibia is pretty darn pissed off at me for running on concrete and, most likely, not stretching enough. In fact, it’s more than likely that my tibia is down there in my leg giving me the bird.

Why? Last week I wrote a post about a trip to the doctor and an MRI I had scheduled as a result of that visit. So how did the MRI turn out? Not great. I was going to cancel the MRI and I honestly thought it was going to be a waste of my time, but a little nagging voice somewhere in my gut said to go. It’s a good thing I listened. I suppose I’ve been a run or three away from a nice little stress fracture as the bulge in my tibia is the result of swelling and fluid in the actual bone marrow. Ewww! There is also fluid building up on the outside of the bone and to top it off, shin splints. The doctor I’m seeing for this issue, one of the best in Nashville, dealt me a one-two-three punch on Monday. “You’re bone is injured.” POW! “No running for six to twelve weeks.” POW, POW! “Here’s an air cast I want you to wear for the foreseeable future.” POW, POW, POW!

Obviously, my first question was, “Can I still do the triathlon?” His answer, “Um, no.” SERIOUSLY? Firstly, I’m not a cryer. As I’ve said in posts past, I only cry over the Olympics and stories relating to dogs and our military. So when I started crying in front of the doctor, the weight of my disappointment was startlingly heavy. Thankfully, I simmered myself down and was able to cap off the waterworks. Secondly, I was able to maintain perspective and reminded myself of the other races out there and the bigger problems in the world. I understand the moral of my own story, but the yin to that yang is that I’ve worked hard and have been so excited for the Santa Rosa Island Triathlon. I’m bummed, but it’s ok. I have a plan.

My first thought while driving home from the Dr.’s office and before calling my coach to break the bad news was that I could try to put a last-minute relay team together and just do the swim. Then I thought, no. Maybe this is a sign that I’m not supposed to do the race? Is it really that important? Just last week we had a family member still on life support after sustaining critical injuries while doing a triathlon and I was crying about having to wait a few months to compete in one. Perspective. I’ll do what the doctor says, be thankful that I didn’t actually fracture my leg and continue to work towards my goals. Do the next right thing.

I’ll be meeting my coach for coffee soon to discuss my next step (I’m still swimming and biking on my trainer) and what race I will train for next, once my leg is all healed up. In the meantime, I’m waiting to hear the SRIT race director’s response to an e-mail my brother-in-law sent in regards to allowing a last-minute relay team entry. He and my sister, who are signed up in their age group, are willing to bow out and do a relay so that I don’t have to stand on the sidelines. I had no idea he was trying to make that happen for me until I read the e-mail today. The waterworks went off again. I am blessed to have family like that.

Next: Grant’s Gang, a fund-raising effort for the widow and children of Gary Grant, an amazing human and fellow triathlete.

(Photo Source: My co-writer for the day, Maddie, 9-19-2012)


39 Comments on “14 Days To Go Until…….

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry. You have worked so hard. I can’t tell you how much I admire how you are handling it.
    I am also sorry to hear about your friend Gary Grant. Like you said, “Perspective”. I’ll be saying a little prayer for you and Gary and his family tonight.
    Take care.

  2. Am so sorry about your leg (and your family member… Not sure if I missed a post or if I want to know since Eric is doing another tomorrow)… But I am glad you listened to your gut, and your doctor!!!!! Remember your bigger picture!!!

    • Thank you! Yes, I posted a couple of weeks ago about my husband’s cousin who was in a bike wreck while doing a tri. He ended up passing. And yes! Go with the gut feelings, always. 🙂

  3. Sorry about your leg:( Injuries are frustrating, and having to drop out of a race only makes it worse. I hope the healing process goes quickly for you!

  4. Okay, you know that I don’t cry easily and this blog is making me cry. I hate that you are going through this. I literally am feeling your pain . I know how much work you have put into this. It’s really sweet of Christopher to do that for you. If I were in were capable on being on the relay team I would do that for you. Well, I will be here for you!!!!!

  5. As jmagen said, remember the big picture. Most of us want to keep active into our 80’s. So we need to take care of our selves now. Sometimes that means withdrawing from a race or taking 3 months off. In the greater sceme of things, what’s three months?
    When you’re 70 doing a triathalon, you won’t even remember these months. 😉

  6. Really sorry about the race. I have had stress fractures frm running on concrete. They are not fun. It sounds like you have a good doctor though. I was in the Marine Corps and the Navy doctor’s prescription was “tough it out”.

    • Does ‘tough it out’ come in pill form? Just kidding. The race director is letting us do a last minute relay team entry, so at least I’ll get to participate in a smaller way. 🙂

  7. So sorry to hear about your injury–that stinks. 😦 As soon as you wrote no running for 6-12 weeks, I immediately thought of the relay option, too. Maybe the race director would even let you do an “aquabike” (and skip the run) version if the relay idea doesn’t work? Hopefully, you’ll find a way to race–you’ve worked so hard! If not, volunteering is also a lot of fun. Let us know how the meeting with your coach goes!

  8. Oh what a huge bummer! I know how you feel. I missed a trip to Las Vegas for the Rock & Roll half in 2010 due to Achilles tendonitis (and couldn’t run at all for almost 4 months). It is absolutely devastating when you’ve worked so hard, and I know you have done just that. Whatever happens, I wish you a quick and easy healing time and a great race….whenever it is.

  9. I love the right-on quote from Walt Disney. Sometimes the pain has been too great to appreciate the truth of it until quite a ways past my disappointments. But it’s so true: our big growth spurts come from our roadblocks. How do we emerge? By the way, after I incorporated serious, religious calve stretches on stairs after my runs, I’ve never had shin splints again. Best of luck!

  10. Hang in there girl. It sucks to receive disappointing news like this! Something you’ve worked so hard for but as you said, your leg will heal and you’ll be headed for the next race. Love your pic too. Super cute dog!

  11. Oh what a bummer! So sorry to hear that. I hope you get to do your triathlon at some stage after all. You deserve to do it. You worked so hard! Don’t let this bog you down. You learn from and with your injuries. I certainly have. Speedy recovery!

  12. I’m so sorry to hear that! That’s hard when you’ve worked so hard! Hopefully the relay option will work out or maybe you can help out in some form at the event.

    • I’m so glad you like reading my blog! It means a lot to me and I appreciate it. The countdown continues. They’re letting us do the relay! I am so impressed you’re doing an Olympic distance. I can’t wait to check back on your blog to see how it went. 🙂

  13. WOW…That Sucks! You have a great attitude though and I am sure you will come back stronger then ever. I think you are definitely making the correct call though..sometimes it is so easy for us to ignore what we don’t want to see, just to have it come back and bite us later. Good luck.

  14. I’m so sorry! Might as well make the best of it?! Like Balanced Peanut on Facebook and follow my blog for healthy recipes, running, yoga, and more!

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