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A couple of weeks ago I posted about needing prayers for a family member who was in an accident while competing in the Dunkirk triathlon. A lot of prayers were offered up, but unfortunately it was Gary’s time to go. We flew to Buffalo last week for his funeral and it was amazing, the amount of people who turned out to support his wife and three sons and to take part in celebrating his life.

The high school football team on which one of his sons plays, turned up in their suit and ties to support their friend. The high school track team ran from the school to the funeral home for one of the wakes that was held during their practice.  Family from all over the country flew or drove in to be there. People who didn’t know the family, but were moved by his story stood in lines that went out the door and around the building at each of the four wakes. The church could not hold everyone who showed up for the funeral service. It seemed like all of western New York showed up to celebrate Gary. This man was loved.

Gary left behind a wonderful family. Unfortunately, his wife now has the job of providing for their three sons on her own. Friends and family in the area have started a Facebook page called Grant’s Gang in an effort to keep the community informed as to how they can help the family. There is a fund, also called Grant’s Gang that has been set up so that the people who have asked how they can help, know how to do so. I’m putting a link below. Any dollar amount or even just a prayer for the family will do great good for Gary’s family.

The local news did a special 5-minute piece on Gary and the Buffalo paper also published a tribute to him in their Wednesday edition. I’m also putting a link to the article.

I know a lot of people have asked Gary’s family how they can help, so if you feel moved to do so, click the link to the Grant’s Gang page where you will find the information. Thank you!

The Grant’s Gang Facebook Page

“Beloved coach at Alden dies of injuries” –The Buffalo News




2 Comments on “Grant’s Gang

  1. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Grants and Gary’s extended triathlete family.
    A twitter friend of mine had mentioned that one of his friends in his triathlon club had been injured about the same time you did. He did not mention his name and I don’t think you did either, the first time. When I read this post I knew it had to be the same person as he is from Buffalo so I sent him your post. Gary was his friend. You are in Nashville, he is in Buffalo and I am in Canada. Somehow we are all connected.
    All the best my friend,

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