The Nashville Triathlon Club, A Blogger and an Ultra Triathlete!

Earlier this year, I signed myself up to join the Nashville Triathlon Club. I thought it would be good for me to take part in their group training events, specifically the group swims. A few months later and I’m helping them with their website and blogging for them! If you would have looked into your crystal ball and told me that I would be not only a member of a tri club, but also be acting as their official blogger, I would have suggested you take a trip to your local therapist to get checked out.

I am loving getting to know the members of the club and am motivated and inspired by being a part of the growing triathlon community in Nashville. Yesterday I posted a blog on the NTC website in a section that I started writing called the Member Spotlight. I want to share that post with all of you, because it is SERIOUSLY INSPIRING. NTC board member, Nick Nicholson finished the IUTA Word Cup Race Ultra Triathlon in Lake Anna, Virginia in October. He completed the 421.8 mile race in 52 hours. Excuse me, what? Yes, that makes him a triple Ironman! He was one of thirty-five triathletes from 8 countries around the world who competed in this race. I will stick to sprints for now and let the Nicks of the world tackle the ultra triathlons. Click the link below to read a bit of his story:

Nashville Triathlon Club Member Nick Nicholson Finished IUTA World Cup Ultra Triathlon

Happy Tuesday!


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