So The World Didn’t End

Now what am I going to do with all the gold bricks and food rations I hid under my mattress? I was very thankful that life as we know it didn’t end as was predicted by so many around the world. My own philosophy on the Mayan calendar countdown is that long, long ago, a very bleary-eyed Mayan decided that he/she was tired of chiseling and decided to wrap things up. End of the world? Nope. An exhausted Mayan with a sore hand who decided that a job change was in order? Yes. The only apocalypse I encountered this December was of the predictable dietary kind. I understand that the real meaning of Christmas isn’t about out-gifting everyone on my list, but I’m clearly not enlightened enough yet to know that it’s also not about setting world speed-eating records. Just how many gluten-free peppermint buttercream frosted brownies can one person consume? Apparently about as many as there are children around the world lying nervously in their beds waiting to hear reindeer paws pitter-pattering on the rooftop.

Why am I glad that the world didn’t end? Because there are so many things left to do on the planet. 2012 was an incredibly busy and productive one, but there were some goals left unfulfilled. The one most relevant to this little blog I write was getting sidelined by a leg injury kept me from fully completing my goal of finishing a full triathlon, but just this morning I registered for my first race of 2013, the Cedars of Lebanon Triathlon benefitting the Friends of Cedars of Lebanon State Park. The race will be held on May 18th and I’ll be re-starting my training with Coach Caroline in February. Thankfully, my leg is only a bit sore after my run/walks, so I anticipate being able to jump back into my full training program. The kicker is this: I will be returning from 9 glorious days on the island of Kauai two weeks before the triathlon. Luckily the resort we’re staying at has a lap pool and some seriously beautiful grounds to run on. I’ll need to maintain my training plan while in Kauai and do my best not to eat my way around the island. Thankfully, the fish and fruit are plentiful and the opportunities for blowing one’s diet are hard to come by, unless you head straight to Duke’s for an enormous piece of Hula Pie (macadamia nut ice cream pie) as I did the last time I was on the island. Struggle.

In addition to my impending Hawaiian vacation, there are lots of exciting things on the horizon in 2013, including my first show at the famous Bluebird Cafe here in Nashville on February 5th. If you watch the TV show, Nashville, you know of which Bluebird Cafe I speak. I’ll keep you posted.

Below are some photos of highlights (work, play and everything in between) from the last two months of life in 2012. Happy New Year!




8 Comments on “So The World Didn’t End

  1. I’m so excited for you for your show at the Bluebird! What an amazing experience it will be! Congrats on getting ready for your first tri. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear all about it.

    • Thank you! It’s technically not my first one. I did a short super sprint for practice before I hurt my leg and I was able to put a relay team together last-minute for the one I was supposed to do in October. I’m signed up for two this spring and early summer, so I hope I can complete the whole thing this time!

  2. Robin, I love your Holiday photos. It does look like you had an awful lot of fun. Congratulations on the Bluebird gig. I popped in there briefly on my one and only visit to Nashville because I had heard of the place. Now that I watch Nashville I see it once a week.
    You certainly have a lot to look forward to in the New Year.
    I wish you health and happiness for 2013.

    • Hi, Michelle! Hope you had a great holiday. Yes, the Bluebird makes its appearance once a week on the show. So crazy to see all of the places I go in Nashville on the show.

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