What’s In Your Gym Bag

In my last post, I mentioned that my shower gel slowly leaked all over the contents of my gym bag. I spent  half an hour or more wiping off the contents of the bag and then unsuccessfully, the inside of the bag. It’s a good thing that the gel has an appealing scent because it’s going to be there forever. I must invent a gym bag that has removable insides for easy washing.

I hadn’t cleaned out the bag in a while, so it was a good opportunity to do so. Apparently Mary Poppins is missing her special bag, the one she can magically pull lamps and birdcages from, because it is now sitting in my kitchen in the form of a black lululemon gym bag. I was stunned at the amount of stuff I pulled out of this bag, which is no bigger than an extra-large size women’s purse.

Who cares about what’s in a gym bag? I do. I’m intrigued by the most random of things. I adore the “My Stuff” column in Vanity Fair magazine, in which they poll people of international stature on what products are in their purses, desks, closets, etc. Here is what I found in mine:


-two swimsuits

-2 beach cover-ups


-a guitar pick


-Eucalyptus oil (I use it in the steam room. Put a few drops on a hand towel and bring it into the steam room. DON’T absent-mindedly wipe your face with the towel. I can assure you, from experience, that it is not a pleasant experience.)


-Zum Bum Bidet In A Bottle (Don’t ask. Just get yourself some.)

-3 bottles of sunscreen/moisturizer

-brand new pair of unused Yankz! laces

-Body Glide

-my bike gloves

-my iShuffle and headphones

-unused timing chip belt

-4 swim caps (Apparently I need choices.)


-hair conditioner

-swimmer’s ear drops

-my ymca card

– 2 bottles of body lotion from the Marriott hotel bathroom

-7 ponytail holders, clips, etc.

-3 quarters

-a water bottle

-a roll of Tums

-a spiritual vitamin from the YMCA (little strips of paper with verses and inspirational quotes typed on them.)


-make-up products with questionable expiration dates

-garage door opener

-two pairs of goggles that are not mine

What is the most random thing in your gym bag?


18 Comments on “What’s In Your Gym Bag

  1. Which one, I use two a day. I would think its the extra stuff left over from my last road trip when my second gym bag used to be my travel bag. There is a bandaid, dental floss and a cat toy. The cat toys often end up in any of my luggage as I guess my cats decide I need a present.

  2. I am seriously impressed! I actually cleaned out my gym back tonight because I’m going straight from the gym to work tomorrow and I didn’t find anything interesting. 😦

  3. I’m impressed with the contents. I must say mine is totally unorganized as I haven’t used it in a while. I generally stash my hrm in my handbag and keep a towel and swim cap in the car lol

  4. My bag collects things from every event I take it to. Nothing odd or random just stuff I MIGHT need at some point.
    Last summer I had a bottle of spray on sun-tan lotion discharge in my gym bag while i was working out. I probably hit the button when I jammed my bag into the locker. What a mess! Ruined a brand new tie that I had only worn once.
    My wife would say the oddest thing in my gym bag is that odd smell!

  5. Oh my gosh! That used to always happen to me while I was traveling, it used to drive me crazy! It’s super annoying! I can only imagine if it was Mary Poppins bag, she’d be even more upset because all her lamps and whatever else would be covered in shampoo as well! HAHA! I think that’s a brilliant idea to have a removable liner to wash!!! I’d pay money for that! lol

  6. I have a bag of pens in mine. I have a weird thing for office supplies.
    I have no paper, mind you. Just pens.

    And an extra pair of shoes. Which is double weird since I don’t wear shoes to work out.

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