Back To Reality….

….and back to Nashville with an expanded waistline despite a very active vacation. I experienced a fitness first at the Grand Hyatt Spa by participating in a water aerobics class the day we left to come back to Nashville. It was fun, but not that particularly high heart-rate inducing. It was more appropriate for the pregnant woman and the two elderly hotel guests who also took part in the class, but nonetheless, a great way to get in a quick workout and better yet, a way to build my Silver Sneakers cred. There must have been something in my face that read ‘water aerobics experienced,’ because when I hit the YMCA pool yesterday for a training swim, a lovely Silver Sneaker member tried to talk me into taking the SS class that was about to start. If you’ve read any of my early posts about the Silver Sneakers, you know that more than made my day worth waking up for.  (See this post for a bit of back story.)

I’ve already been stalking the Grand Hyatt webcam that overlooks the enormous man-made salt water lagoon. As it turns out, that lagoon is the best open water swim practice spot for people like me. People who include shark and critter defense preparedness into their triathlon training programs. Oh, my heart is heavy with longing, but is also grateful for a wonderful trip to Kauai. Enjoy the photos!


DSC07905Salt Water Lagoon

DSC07904I Miss You.


Part of the Waistline Issue


Frozen Chocolate Macadamia Nut Banana


This is real.


So is this.


Gluten-free Mango and Prosciutto Pizza. OMG.


Lost Highway


Vintage Vinyl Souvenirs


This exists.


So do these.



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