Speech! Speech!


Last night I got to share a bit of my athletic journey with a room full of amazing women. (And a few men!) I was asked to participate in last night’s Making A Move Celebration Dinner as a guest speaker. At first, I thought, why in the world would they ask me? I’m no expert.

The Making A Move organization is a wonderful thing we have here in Nashville. The purpose of Making A Move is to encourage women to become active in maintaining a healthy lifestyle by promoting 5 events throughout the year, ranging from the Girls On The Run 5k to the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure. My first triathlon, in 2012 was part of the Making A Move series; the Girls Tri It On triathlon organized and run by Team Magic. I met a lot of women like me at that race. Beginners. Women wondering what the heck we were doing racing a triathlon.

So when I was pondering what I would possibly speak about last night, the most obvious answer was to just share my story, embarrassing moments and all. I wanted to be an inspiration for the women in the room who were beginners and not-at-all polished in the realm of athletic pursuits. But I was the one who left the most inspired. I met and talked with many of the women after the dinner and it meant so much that they were willing to talk about what parts of my story they related to. There are much bigger, more inspiring stories out there, but I’m grateful I got to share a little bit of mine with a wonderful organization like Making A Move.

One of the stories I shared was about my fear of wearing a spandex tri suit in public. The spandex situation came in a close second to my fear of open-water swimming, but I remember that being one of the fears that darn near crushed my spirit. One of the ladies came up to me after the dinner and said to me, “I just wanted to tell you something I’ve never told anyone before. I really like the way I look in my tri-suit. I put it on and it makes me feel good.” I can’t explain, in writing,  the details of her facial expressions and hand gestures that made it so funny.  I could literally envision her in front of her mirror in her tri-suit, loving what she saw. I want to be just like  you, Adrienne Newman! (side note: I told her that I was going to write about this and she gave me permission to use her name in this post.) I loved her confidence and hope to achieve some on a level like hers.

I felt incredibly honored to be asked to speak and hope that I inspired at least one person as much as the whole night and all of the women I met inspired me.

Check out Making a Move, their mission and their races, here.




8 Comments on “Speech! Speech!

  1. I LOVE sharing experiences like this with new athletes. They are so much fun, can relate at times, and it helps motivate others as well as myself. I too am not comfortable in my tri suit at this time. I’ve had some unintended weight gain. Time to focus and get back to race weight. 🙂

  2. You are a delightful person and so inspiring! I appreciate your words of wisdom and sharing of your story. My mom raised me to be the “little engine that could.” Confidence is just knowing that with effort we can do anything we set our mind to doing. Adrienne

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