Holiday With Heart



I love discovering companies who have beautiful products as well as beautiful hearts. Red Earth Trading Company is one of those companies. I came across a Red Earth pop-up store here in Nashville and I was drawn in by this handmade brass necklace. (A more accurate statement would be that I tripped over my shopping buddy bee-lining to this necklace.) I made this little treasure mine, but not before I went a few rounds with my holiday conscience:

Me: I want it!

Me: You can’t buy yourself a Christmas present.

Me: Who says?

Me: You’re supposed to be blessing your family and friends with gifts, not yourself.

Me: But the happiness that will fill my heart if I buy this for myself will bring delight to all those around me this holiday season.

Me: Fine.

So, yes, I  bought myself a little holiday gift, but supporting a great company like Red Earth Trading Company balanced out my guilt. I love their mission statement, “creating hope and opportunity through fashion” and the opportunity they give their artisans to create and sustain commercial opportunities in their East African communities.

This necklace was created by Raymond, who along with his wife and four others, makes beautiful pieces of hand-cast metal jewelry in a community outside of Nairobi. Read more about Raymond, watch a video and view more pieces from his collection, here.

Consider “holidaying” with heart this year and buy from companies that give back. Take a minute, if you will, and read more about Red Earth Trading Company’s mission and charitable efforts.

The Nashville pop-up store is located on the first floor of the Cool Springs Galleria.





2 Comments on “Holiday With Heart

  1. That’s a wonderful idea. I use to buy gifts for people from a similar place called Hopes & Dreams which benefitted children who were effected by the HIV/Aids crisis there. I can’t think why I got away from it. Thank you for reminding me.

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