Dubai By Day

One of the best decisions I made before leaving for Dubai was to hire a private guide for the first day. Vinod from Dubai Private Tours drove me around the first day to the city’s highlights, introduced me to a life-changing chicken shawarma and taught me how to negotiate in the souks.  Everything in Dubai is a highlight; the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain, the Burj al Arab, The Palm, palaces, the skylines and a ride on an abra ( a water taxi) between the souks are all must sees and dos.

I was a bit nervous about the art of negotiation in the souks.  I would rather just pay what they’re asking for whatever item it is that I can’t live without and move on.  I learned that I am someone who would not be great at poker. After our first walk through the Old Souk situated near the bank of The Creek, Vinod took me aside and said to me, “You mustn’t look like you want it so badly. Your face. You get too excited.” Well. There is that. By my last day in the city I had become rather comfortable walking away from a shop if the prices didn’t suit me. Although, it did make me a bit sad in my heart to leave the jeweled camel pill-box that I wanted so badly after failing to get the shop owner to come to terms with my price. Luckily I found a similar jeweled camel a bit later and after a more successful haggle, made my purchase. He’s now resting comfortably on a shelf in my closet. The camel that is, not the shop keeper.

After spending the day acquainting myself with Dubai, I was able to go back later in the week to revisit the places where I wanted to spend more time. Here are a few photos of my whirlwind day with Dubai Private Tours.

DSC09895 IMG_3002 IMG_3021 IMG_3022 IMG_3004 IMG_3008 IMG_3072 DSC09906 IMG_3043 DSC09987 DSC09990 DSC09994 DSC09997 IMG_3070 DSC00022 DSC00028 DSC00029 DSC00031 DSC00038 DSC09676 DSC09683 DSC09747 DSC09778 IMG_3056 IMG_3065 IMG_3084 DSC00011 DSC09643 DSC09660 IMG_3009 IMG_3101


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