When I’m not struggling to avoid wheat and chocolate, trying to stay mentally/physically/spiritually fit and living as well as I allow myself to, I’m writing music and working on projects. I am grateful for the level of talent that is shared with me by the co-writers, singers and musicians I get to work with every week. One, in particular, is Tyler Summers. He is an extraordinary talent and a musical blessing in my life. In addition to a children’s music project that he and I created, (finally nearing completion after three years of work) Tyler and I write some of my favorite songs together.

We put together an indie/pop side project together early last year called Indiana Avenue after dusting off some of the collection of songs we had penned together, but hadn’t done anything with. We had a lot of fun producing and recording them with the amazingly talented producer and songwriter, Paul Umbach. We are currently working on the next Indiana Avenue single, Make It All Right, which will be out sometime this year. We are also excited to have some of best voices in Nashville lined up to perform on our children’s project. More details to come on that one! Please check out Tyler’s website, here. He has some very exciting things happening right now, including a new single, Wash Away You, and a gig playing horns on Martina McBride’s upcoming tour. Enjoy!


Love Happens Click here to listen and download on iTunes.


Rain Sometimes Click here to listen and download on iTunes

*Images by Brianne Farquhar of Elizabeth Maxwell Media

*Check out more songs on my SoundCloud page, here.


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