Nevis Island

Travel is an education that I am grateful to be able to participate in. I like to think I’m willing to explore just about anywhere and anything. Explorers in history spent fortunes, years and often, all of their luck trying to discover new places, particularly Paradise. In this age of information, all that is required to find Paradise is a quick Google search, a plane ticket and a healthy sense of adventure.

I recently fell in love with the result of one of those searches during a week-long visit to Nevis Island, one-half of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. (The cloud-covered peak of this dormant volcanic island, to some, looked to be covered in nieves, the Spanish word for snow, thus the island earning the name, Nevis.) I had not heard of Nevis, but once there, this island and its people settled permanently in my heart. Located in the British West Indies, Nevis is for adventurers, lovers, writers, artists, history buffs, athletes and anyone wanting a true “low-fi” getaway from the pace of life that seems to accelerate on an hourly basis.

The adventure began with two short plane rides, a boat trip across a two-mile channel, followed by a taxi-ride to our home for a week, the Nisbet Island Plantation. I immediately felt channeled back in time to a place where the entertainment in one’s room consisted only of the sound of the ocean, a good book and the company of your traveling companion; back to a time when people dressed in their best for dinner and knew which fork to use when. I love all things historic and I felt like I had stepped right into a living monument to a way of life that I would love to see make a more frequent comeback: Relaxed. Refined. Unplugged.

We hiked with local guide, Lynnell Liburd, a walking history lesson on the subject of Nevis. We experienced the unique flavor of Navisian breadfruit and drank soursop juice. We brushed up on our history by visiting the birthplace of American founding father, Alexander Hamilton and spent our nights in the Great House restaurant located at our hotel, which was owned by Fannie Nisbet, wife of naval legend, Horatio Nelson. We visited Wheel World cycle shop and spent some time with the organizer of the Nevis Triathlon, Winston Crooke. Nevis packs a wealth of activities into its thirty-five square miles and I can’t wait to go back and continue exploring.

What’s next on this adventure? Check back soon to see:

The Inns of Nevis

The MaccaX Nevis Triathlon

The Ruins of a Caribbean Sugar Plantation


The Colors of Nevis 

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IMG_5505 IMG_5502 IMG_5454 DSC01900 DSC01589 DSC01602 IMG_5064 IMG_5040 IMG_5447 IMG_5280 IMG_5137 IMG_4972 IMG_5009 IMG_5037

DSC01796 DSC01578 DSC01539 DSC01576



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    When people think of St. Kitts, they too often forget its sister island Nevis. In this article from “ifyounevertri,” Nevis gets some much deserved love.

    My personal recommendation for a visit to Nevis? Pinney’s Beach, home to the Four Seasons and Sunshine’s Beach Bar, itself home to the world famous Killer Bee.

    Nevis Island.

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