CYC(cle)-Seeing Nashville

In the post By Land, By Sea, By Pedal, I extolled the virtues of sight-seeing on the bicycle. It’s one of my favorite ways to explore a destination. So much, in fact, that I feel it deserves its very own, special call sign, CYC-Seeing. (Trademark pending, of course!) Recently, I took the opportunity to CYC-see in my own backyard, the city of Nashville. I drive around this city every day and never come across some of the sights I found on this particular day. The view from a bike is completely different from that of the driver’s seat. It was urban, industrial and rural all in the same hour and a half ride. I stopped here and there to take some photos. Enjoy!













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8 Comments on “CYC(cle)-Seeing Nashville

  1. I spent a month doing a tour of the States in May, and Nashville was one of my absolute favourite places. I was predisposed to like it because of the music scene, but it totally exceeded my expectations. You’re really lucky to be there!

    • Oh, how fun! I’m currently working on my travel bucket list for places I want to see in America. It’s already long. I’d like to read more about your experience doing that. And yes, Nashville is one of the best cities to live, work and play in. Glad you enjoyed it. If you’re ever here again and need recommendations, let me know!

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