What’s In A Name

I’ve been asking myself that question. I’ve spent a quite a bit of time figuring out what I would like this blog to be about. I started ifyounevertri as a way to document my successes and big fat fails as a beginner triathlete, but as various injuries and maladies have kept me sidelined (running is not an option for me) and no longer able to participate in many, if any races, I’ve been thinking about what I’ve loved writing about most and where to take this thing.

My most successful posts have been the dig deep and find myself ones;  posts about what I’ve learned on various world travels; and posts about food, people, photos and things I love. So I will be taking this blog in a bit of a new direction and focusing on the things I love and am inspired by most. I will, of course, continue to make utter and total fun of myself and my many struggles. The new name? sing.fly.love. Where did that come from?

sing.fly.love. is a variation on the handle I have used for many years on email and web accounts.  (My Instagram account for one: @singflylove) Over the years when people have seen my email address, they have more often than not, remarked about how much they love it and that it sounds uplifting and fun to them. I have received all sorts of gifts over the years with singandfly engraved on them. Bracelets, necklaces and guitar picks, to name a few.

I will be changing over the new name in the coming week and I sure do hope you stick around. I so enjoy reading about so many of you (trekkielane, fitrecovery and silkpurseproductions among many others) and hope you will stick around.





9 Comments on “What’s In A Name

  1. Sorry things didn’t work out quite as planned. But good to see that you are adjusting and moving forward.
    I’m about to do something similar. I’ve been blogging for over 2 years and now want to promote my business through blogging, which WP does not allow on free blogs. So I’m moving to a new self hosted site, hopefully by the end of the month.
    I’m also worried about loosing most of my followers during the move.

    • Thank you! From what I understand, it’s inevitable through a transition to lose readers, but in the end, you will be more successful if you’re writing about what you enjoy! As far as business, I’m using wordpress.org for my music business site. I have a graphic designer in charge of it though, because it’s more difficult than wordpress.com. For me, anyway! Good luck with the changeover!

      • Thanks. I’m using GoDaddy and they say they do the backups and updates. Price was pretty good and if they do the back end stuff for me, I can do the design stuff my self.
        Nothing fancy, but if you can do a blog, you can create a web site on WP.

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