London Fog

Want to go to London, but don’t have the money? Want a bit of an energy boost, but not the head-on, ninety mile an hour caffeine crash that comes after mainlining a pot of coffee? I do. I always wish I was in London and I’m always looking for ways to un-addict myself from the coffee I drink by the ten-gallon buckets.

Enter tea. I’ve always been a fan. Many teas have less caffeine content than coffee and there are so many varieties, both herbal and other. It’s also relatively inexpensive. I love the texture of the tea leaves and the smell, in particular, Earl Grey tea. The hint of citrus that comes from adding the oil extracted from a bergamot orange is nothing less than aromatherapy in a cup.

A friend recently introduced me to a wonderful variation of a hot cup of Earl Grey Tea. It is so simple. And so wonderful. It’s called a London Fog and some baristas will know exactly what you speak of and some you will have to educate. What is a London Fog? Earl Grey tea mixed with almond milk. No, really, that’s it. I believe some use soy milk, but I prefer almond.

It has become my obsession. This same friend of mine and I wandered one morning after breakfast into Davis Cookware & Cutlery Shop in the Hillsboro Village neighborhood in Nashville and I believe it was equally life-changing for both of us.  It was there we were introduced by the proprietor to the visually and olfactorily stunning creamy Earl Grey tea, which has a hint of vanilla, in addition to the bergamot. He also encouraged us to try a bit of lavender mixed in with the Earl Grey and gave each of us a bit to try at home.

It is my new favorite and I would encourage everyone to whip themselves up a London Fog, sit back and watch the London Bridge live webcam, which you can see, here.  I’m not saying I do that at least twice a week, but who am I kidding, I am saying that. You should, too.



Interesting Tea Facts

Tea For Me Please Blog














6 Comments on “London Fog

  1. I love Earl Grey tea and this sounds lovely. Since I’ve become intolerant of caffeine, especially in tea, I’ve been enjoying rooibos, both plain and Earl Grey. I’ll have to enjoy with webcam! 😉 xoM

    • We’ve both actually been. Separately, but we’ve both been. The Tower of London is one of my favorite places. (Because I’m a nerd.) 🙂 And most people wouldn’t know what I was talking about if I called it the Tower Bridge! Hope you made it through week 1 ok.

  2. I have long been a heavy coffee drinker but over the last few years I have been enjoying experimenting with various teas. There is a certain ritual involved in making yourself a cup or a pot of tea that makes it take on more of an experience. I’m down to half a cup of coffee every once in a while but I’m drinking tea all the time.

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