Cheap thrills. Ignoring other, less seemly and less meaningful definitions of the phrase, I’ve made up my own.

Cheap Thrills (noun, pl.): Inexpensive ways to brighten up life, house, soul, office, etc. that cost little and bring joy, beauty and the enjoyment of one’s surroundings.

Cheap thrills in my life involve the adrenaline-fueled joy I feel when I happen across a perfect vintage dress in a thrift shop for $8; find a new use for something I already own; or, like I did today on an otherwise gloomy Sunday, buy $4 bunches of gladioli.

Fresh flowers are seen as a bit of a luxury item to many, but they don’t have to be. I love flowers. They are my most frequently photographed Instagram subjects. They brighten a sad space and can be a fantastic tool for instant redecoration. No budget to get new everything? Throw a vase of fresh flowers in the middle of your coffee table and enjoy the fresh, new scene.

Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s recently started stocking gladioli again. Trader Joe’s is a go-to for me when buying flowers. (If I can’t get locally grown flowers from the farmer’s market, I head over there for inexpensive bunches.) With extra long stems, beautiful colors and costing only $4 they are a statement that costs little to make. These flowers are no shrinking violets. Just ten stems makes for a huge centerpiece, which after adding a vase, nears three feet in height. They are simple and dramatic at the same time and I love that.

My sister (a beauty, a mother and a wonderful flower arranger ) gave me a helpful hint on how to make flowers last longer. When you get them home, cut the stems and dip the ends in alum. It is something you can purchase in the spice department and is often used in pickling recipes. The hydrangeas from her garden last weeks using this trick.

A beautiful gladiolus sure makes me glad. I hope you get to enjoy some soon.













2 Comments on “Gladiolus

    • Oh, bummer! I was a day late for you. Next year. I’m not exaggerating when I say my sisters hydrangeas keep in a vase for weeks with that trick. Hope you had a good holiday today.

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